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UnifiedPush support has been merged into Element Android!

Element is the flagship @matrix client and one of the biggest apps that will soon support UnifiedPush!

#UnifiedPush #element #matrix #pushnotifications #fdroid

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Okay the time has come

(that's about tusky navigation and not what you think!)

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Hello folks,
we develop small #OpenSource #Apps for #Android.

Our apps:
- #Weather: Weather app with data from OpenWeatherMap
- #LibreTranslator: Small translation app based on LibreTranslate

Both apps are available for download in #FDroid and the source code can be found on #Codeberg.


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ufw (a firewall) uses rule numbers when you want to, say, delete a rule. Does it display the rule numbers when you list them with ufw status?

No, of course not, that would be too easy (you’d win the game right away, where’s the fun in that?)

So, instead you have to type ufw status numbered.

Remember kids, beautiful defaults are for newbs and losers. Real gamers play in hard mode.


*walks away mumbling*

#usability #ufw #linux

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Hey security friends! After much encouragement, Bitwarden has joined the Fosstodon family 🤗

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We have started to push "App Lounge" to /e/OS (dev) 🚀

Our new app installer now offers 100% of the g-play catalog for free apps 🎇 Soon paid apps too.

And also with open source apps from FDroid and PWAs 🎁 and the privacy score 👁️

Everything in a consistent user experience.

#degoogled #smartphones #mydataisMYdata #opensource #AppStore @e_mydata

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"Using Eclipse After Using IntelliJ IDE"

submitted by OctopodeCode

jkuester boosted is the official German government portal for doing government-related paperwork online.

They have now created their own Mastodon instance at which contains some official accounts. You can find them on the instance's directory page:

➡️ (in German)

This is a really promising sign! The Fediverse can allow citizens to interact with public officials without having to give away personal data.

#BundDe #Germany #Deutschland #Deutsch #Government

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Was recently reflecting on this excellent piece by @jgoerzen comparing and contrasting p2p/federated/centralized systems:

The drawbacks for p2p and centralized systems seem to be mostly inherent to the technical requirements necessary for things to function.

The downsides of federation are more practical (who/how deploys and maintains the servers). Good reminder that organizational structures like technical "communes" need more emphasis!

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Sxmo 1.8.0 was just released. It has a plethora of usability improvements:

- the daemons more robust
- better bluetooth support
- pipewire/pulseaudio support

And many more fixes! Thanks to everyone that contributed and help identify major issues like the losing touch issue. The losing touch issue is fixed in pmOS edge and should be fixed in pmOS stable soon.

Full release notes here:

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For those with a Pinephone keyboard, we forgot to include a driver for the charger, which is why it does not seem to charge even with the battery on. We should have this fixed shortly.

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moxie seems to believe there are only two options for how services can be hosted: self-hosting or commercial hosting.

completely ignoring community hosting.

that reinforces my feel that community hosting is one of the biggest advantages of fedi.

(he is absolutely right that #web3 is crap, of course)

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Shitposting aside, I think 2022 is going to be a great year for Linux on the desktop.

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Happy New Year!
The #pinephone & #pinephonepro keyboard as well as add-on cases are now available.
* Keyboard - $49.99
* Wireless charging case - $9.99
* Fingerprint reader case - $24.99
* PineDio LoRa case - $19.99

Would also be curious on folks thoughts on the licensing of such a collection. Does not seem like UG is paying any licensing fees for its user-contributed tabs, but it feels like if it was as easy as creating a public DB of tab files on GitHub, someone would have done it already....

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My vision would be something similar to the Radio Browser [1] which maintains a dataset (of online radio stations) used by several open source apps. When a user of one of the apps contributes a new station, it benefits all the users of the other apps too....


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