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#NewPipe updates are back in the main @fdroidorg repository.

You can get the latest version 0.20.11 from

We went back to the "normal" #FDroid build process, so these APKs are signed by F-Droid again. If you installed an APK signed by us, you either need to uninstall the APK or add the official NewPipe repository to F-Droid:

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A #Lemmy client called #Lemmur is finally available on F-Droid. Lemmy is a free software federated alternative to #Reddit written in #Rust.

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Current development progress for Alpha 24 is fluctuating between 98% and 99%. A few more bugs still need to be ironed out before the final packaging of the game, and then we're ready to go... One thing to look forward to in Alpha 24 are the totally reworked horse models and animations by Alexandermb. This graphic by wowgetooffyourcellphone illustrates the improvements quite well. #opensource

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Samuel Pepys was an important public official in 17th Century London, who helped to run the English navy and reported to the King. He also kept a secret diary where he was surprisingly honest about his personal life between 1660 - 1669.

You can follow the diary in real time (currently 1668) at:

➡️ @samuelpepys

The maintainer's website is at

#SamuelPepys #History #Books #London #England #EnglishHistory #17thCentury #1600s #Diary #Diaries #LiveTooting #RoyalNavy

Well, despairing of ever getting private groups in Mastodon ( I have finally bit the bullet and forked my fediverse presence into public and private accounts (so that I can interact "privately" with family using the followers-only visibility on one account and interact publicly with this account).

Given my luck, now that I have done this I expect Mastodon to add support for private groups shortly. You can all thank me later!

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