Honestly, the more I watch how people/organizations/communities are using Discord/Slack/Whatsapp the more I feel that email is the new fax. It still gets used a bunch, but the improved tech needed to replace it has already been developed...

In this case, I think the @matrix protocol seems well positioned to form the foundation of federated messaging. (Not all usecases are covered by the current clients, but more are on the way!!!)

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Fedi meta about scaling 

My biggest influencers are my parents, and they barely have any followers. So I am quite sure fedi is able to properly scale for social relations just fine


#3 is when you find a bug in prod caused by function name hoisting in JS....


> confusion between engagement and value

This exactly! One big thing I have learned from working with a couple of excellent designers is that the trickiest but most important part of their job is discerning what the users actually need from the software.

This is very different from just listening to what users are actually asking for. Twitter may have figure out how to capture people's eyeballs, but that is not the actual goal of the 'verse...

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@bloodaxe @matrix

Also don't forget that self-hosting is not the only option for a personalized Matrix setup! There is element.io/element-home and other hosting providers as well! (e.g. )

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You’re not the product anymore. You’re a community member in your host’s ad-free server they pay for. There’s no venture capitalist payday coming for them. Everything you do here costs your host a little bit of money. Find out how you can chip in.

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Oh man... just found that the "MASTO 95" theme is the correct way to use this site.

@matthew_hall The upcoming (to Mastodon) Groups feature will solve a lot of the jankyness of my setup by hopefully allowing notifications from private groups.

That being said, apps like @Tusky make having multiple accounts a breeze! ❤

@matthew_hall I have a main account that I use to follow a ton of other accts I am interested in and interact with the broader fedi community. Then I have a second account that I use to connect with close family members (using followers-only posts) since they wanted a space where our family can share more privately (and I did not want to blow up their notifications with all the posts I make from this account).

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I don't think Mastodon or the fediverse has ever received this much attention before. It's a great opportunity for people to finally see that social media can be done differently, that it can be a protocol not under control of any single company.

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I see quite a lot of #Science posts expressing concern if The Public will follow their authors' #TwitterMigration over on here.

Here's the thing: they don't even have to. Every #Mastodon account has an #RSS feed. For example, here's mine:

Every hashtag has an RSS feed as well (as seen from a given instance), for example:

Your audiences can follow you without ever setting up an account on fedi, with any RSS reader.

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The Fediverse is Mastodon, Pleroma, Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Osada, and all their friends, federating. 👍
But what do we call all the silos, the ad-based family of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and friends? It’s the Adverse! A universe founded on ad serving. And a reminder that they offer plenty of adversity. All the adverse silos stand alone, like rocks, like islands, like Alcatraz. 👎
And what about Orkut, Google Wave, Google+ and other networks that have come and gone. This is the Necroverse.
Sometimes networks that seem alive today slide into the necroverse. Let’s hope we keep our network alive. Here’s to many happy years in the fediverse! 😁🥳

@TobiTenno lol, that got dark at the end.... 😂💀

I cringe at the jankyness of that code, by really I was totally in the dark about the "magic" of JS....


> there's no "build your own X"

...I read on a FLOSS social network federated with my self-hosted server using an open source client app that I downloaded from F-Droid onto my GrapheneOS device....

The internet of the 90's is dead. Long live the internet of the 90's! (at least in the sense of people being able to run the code that they want on the machines they own....)

@nuclear Serious question: how is Satya Nadella not part of this list?

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