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For those with a Pinephone keyboard, we forgot to include a driver for the charger, which is why it does not seem to charge even with the battery on. We should have this fixed shortly.

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Type of guy who thinks North Korea is a paradise because it has the highest share of linux usage

@haskal Honest question: Are you talking about qoto.org? If so, what do you mean by that community being "racist"?

A quick reading of their about page gives "An inclusive free speech instance" which I suppose sounds similar to 'alt-right' rhetoric, but the rest seems pretty standard...

Genuinely interested since I moderate a Masto instance...

@rysiek @jon I am waiting to see the day when by default you are provided with a Fedi account by your ISP when you sign up for internet service (how pretty much everyone I know got their first email in the early aughts...). Far from an ideal solution, but I know a lot of non-tech savvy folks that still communicate with those ISP email addresses!

@TerryHancock @humanetech @rysiek This exactly! The challenges of a decentralized system are real and should be taken seriously, but must be weighed very carefully against the real cost (to individuals, orgs and society) of vender-lock in a centralized system.

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moxie seems to believe there are only two options for how services can be hosted: self-hosting or commercial hosting.

completely ignoring community hosting.

that reinforces my feel that community hosting is one of the biggest advantages of fedi.

(he is absolutely right that #web3 is crap, of course)

@HerbSteelbranch @humanetech

And yet I would still prefer a world where Matrix is the default communication standard and not Signal.

Single points of failure (such as depending on a particular org to keep the whole ecosystem running) make me very nervous. It can be really hard for decentralized protocols to gain a critical mass (see XMPP), but once they do they are really hard to stamp out (see email)....

@IzzyOnDroid Oh wow! Was literally browsing @fdroidorg last week looking for something to replace the proprietary tabs app that I had previously used. This is exactly what I need. Thanks!

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Shitposting aside, I think 2022 is going to be a great year for Linux on the desktop.

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Happy New Year!
The #pinephone & #pinephonepro keyboard as well as add-on cases are now available.
* Keyboard - $49.99
* Wireless charging case - $9.99
* Fingerprint reader case - $24.99
* PineDio LoRa case - $19.99


Would also be curious on folks thoughts on the licensing of such a collection. Does not seem like UG is paying any licensing fees for its user-contributed tabs, but it feels like if it was as easy as creating a public DB of tab files on GitHub, someone would have done it already....

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My vision would be something similar to the Radio Browser [1] which maintains a dataset (of online radio stations) used by several open source apps. When a user of one of the apps contributes a new station, it benefits all the users of the other apps too....

1. radio-browser.info/

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Does anyone know of an open source data-set for guitar chords?

There are several great open source applications for creating and maintaining personal collections of tabs as well as several libraries and services that will scrape tabs from UG, but there does not seem to be any kind of community maintained set of guitar tabs. Can anyone point me to something I am missing here?

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Standard Ebooks is a pretty great source for #drm-free #ebooks. They take #PublicDomain books from #ProjectGutenberg and improve the quality (typography, metadata, cover art, etc).


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Here we are!
🎉✌️ #Mobilizon v2 has just been released ✌️🎉

We hope you 'll be able to free your events & groups from the clutches of Facebook 😉

Read about a year of improvements from your feedback here :


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